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Youth Buddies Services

You define what recovery means to you. Identify what it is you wish to accomplish and we support you in the journey to realize and move forward to those goals. We are harm reduction based. Meaning we empower members to identify what recovery means to them. (For example if you want to stop or reduce opiate use, but do not have a problem with cannabis we will support you in that recovery path.)

Buddies 1-on-1

Youth Buddies’ Buddy mentor program is a free of cost, confidential one-to-one peer mentor program. Our Buddy Mentors empower transitional aged youth (15-25(TAY))  to achieve a solid recovery foundation and achieve important personal goals. Buddy mentors support TAY challenged with mental health, cancer, and or addiction. The Buddy program allows you to discover what recovery means to you by connecting you with a Buddy in recovery who has reached long-term stability & has a passion for helping others.

Resource & Advocate Buddies

Youth Buddies will pro-actively advocate for the needs of our members furthering the access and quality of services currently offered to our community. Stay up to date with current behavioral health trends and the actual needs of our community. We will identify and amplify confidentially the clear unaddressed needs from our members to those who may benefit from hearing it.Youth Buddies’ will actively stay up to date on current resources for our members. This will include a book or E-book with all possible resources we are aware of that historically are trust-worthy. We will actively update our Buddies on new information or old information relevant to the resources. The Buddies will then provide any information and assist in the navigation of access to said resources to our members if requested.

TAY & Cancer Buddies

Youth Buddies know the importance of having a safe place to talk, support, and/or escape some of the harsh realities cancer can create. We also know understanding the emotions, experiences, and journey  born from personally experiencing cancer is only possible by those who have also experienced similar things. That is why those who participate in our service can request a Buddy who knows the cancer experience personally. The program does not require individuals to talk about any one topic. Members can discuss a variety of topics ranging from relevant emotions to anything else they may want to discuss.  These buddies may have lived experience with dealing with diagnoses, finding balance with cancer, survivors guilt, coping with therapies/treatments, and navigating life after and/or during cancer.

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